25 Jun 2024

Optimizing fastening: washers

Types, Functions, and Applications of an Often underestimated Component

Certain mechanical elements, though seemingly inconspicuous, hold remarkable potential. This is the case of washers, often underestimated due to their simplicity and sometimes small size. In reality, these accessories play an essential role in improving the fastening of a bolt, significantly contributing to the sealing of a threaded joint. (more…)

28 May 2024

Materials and applications: choosing the right screw

How to Navigate Through Screw Types for Every Material

Selecting the appropriate screw is crucial to ensure a stable and long-lasting connection among threaded joint components. Several factors influence this choice: the material to be penetrated, its thickness and strength, the load the structure will bear, the solicitations to which i twill be sbjected, and finally, the technical features of the screw. (more…)

29 Apr 2024

Self-tapping, self-drilling, trilobular: a screw for every application

From the Simplest to the Most Sophisticated, Types of Screws Available in the Market

From its first appearance in Europe in the 14th century to its widespread use in the 19th century and up to the present day, the screw has undergone significant evolution. This progression has contributed to transforming it into a more reliable, high-performing component suitable for various applications. Today, there are different types of screws, each designed based on the involved structure and the specific functions it must perform. Let’s delve into them in detail. (more…)

28 Mar 2024

Self-locking nuts: stability and guaranteed safety

Materials, Types, and Applications of an Essential Component for Structural Integrity

The technological and industrial development of the modern world has led to the invention of self-locking nuts, which today represents the most advanced solution to prevent loosening, misalignment, or decoupling of bolted joints. Self-locking nuts have a simple yet ingenious design: their functioning principle in based on creating additional resistance against unscrewing, which ensures a stable connection over time and thus the safety of the structure. These nuts exhibit great versatility and find varied industrial applications, especially in the automotive and aerospace sectors, where vibrations and solicitations, to which the structures are subjected, require absolute joint stability. (more…)

28 Feb 2024

Quality nuts and bolts. key factors of the perfect fastening

Quality of Materials and Production Processes: The Importance of Choosing Certified Fastening Components (more…)

29 Jan 2024

Screws, nuts, bolts. Small inventions that made history.

The Importance of Screws and Bolts in the Evolution of Industry and Technology

Despite their apparent simplicity, screws and bolts conceal meticulous design: it took centuries for them to become the objects we know today. These fastening components have played a silent but crucial role in history across a wide range of applications, from constructing buildings to assembling industrial machinery, from railway lines to vehicle assembly, and even in space exploration. (more…)

18 Dec 2023


Placing your trust in a financially sound partner like VIPA is a guarantee of growth for any company

In the world of business, and even more so in the world of industry, choosing the right suppliers is crucial. A supplier is more than just a partner company that provides services, products or materials necessary for business. A supplier is also and above all an ally, to be trusted at all times. (more…)

21 Nov 2023


Ecology, efficiency, economy: all the advantages of recycled steel, with the certainty of VIPA quality

Currently the global scenario is characterised by an increasing awareness of environmental issues and thus the concept of sustainability has taken centre stage. The impact of strongly desired green policies, implemented by the giants of the western world, the USA and European Union in particular, is radically and rapidly changing the industrial sector, incentivising virtuous practices such as conversion to renewable energies, the elimination of plastic packaging, and low environmental impact production technologies. (more…)

23 Oct 2023


Stable, efficient and long-lasting tightening thanks to the certified quality of VIPA threaded joints

From statistical data it emerges that in the industrial and construction sectors, around 80% of all assembly operations require screwing. Around 30% of structure quality problems arise from incorrect screwing processes. So the question is: what is the perfect tightening torque for ensuring the stable, efficient and long-lasting installation of a threaded joint? In truth there is no single way to achieve perfect tightening, rather there are many, each depending on the joint’s field of application and intended use, both crucial conditions for tightening methods. (more…)

20 Jul 2023


Efficiency, precision and speed for cutting edge logistics; the VIPA automated warehouse

The concept of warehouse automation is revolutionising contemporary industrial logistics. The automated warehouse first came about in the noughties and is a system in which most operative activities: picking, inventory management, are executed by machines and robotised systems. (more…)