20 Jul 2023


Efficiency, precision and speed for cutting edge logistics; the VIPA automated warehouse

The concept of warehouse automation is revolutionising contemporary industrial logistics. The automated warehouse first came about in the noughties and is a system in which most operative activities: picking, inventory management, are executed by machines and robotised systems. (more…)

20 Jun 2023

Structural wood screws

Structural wood screws (also called “construction” screws) are gradually replacing the traditional lag screws for carpentry over the last few years.

The reason of their rise in the world of fasteners is related to the convenience they offer in any heavy duty structural application. (more…)

18 Jul 2022


It’s a chemical process that alters the surface of the metal parts through the creation of phosphate crystals, chemically bonded to the substrate. The efficacy of this technique rely on the properties of these compounds that are able to improve the material resistance to the corrosion and facilitate the adhesion of the following painting processes.


20 May 2022

Zinc plating

What is zinc plating?

Steel is the most common material in use today. However, it has a high corrosion rate and needs to be adequately protected by the electrochemical reaction of water, oxygen and other corrosive materials. (more…)

21 Mar 2022

Wood screws

Screws are probably the most useful and versatile fasteners for woodworking. The reason of this popularity, most likely, lies in the reliability that wood screws offer in all different applications along with their relatively low price and availability in almost all hardware store.

What is more, the market offers a vast range of products that fit perfectly all the different tasks that need to be carried out, the heaviest as well.

The choice of the right product is not always easy and entails an adequate knowledge of all diverse features. (more…)

3 Dec 2021

The hot-dip galvanizing

Hot dip galvanizing, due to his efficacy, is largely used to protect fasteners from oxidation.

The procedure consists in submerging the metal parts to be treated in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 450 °C. Chemical products assure an adequate adherence of the zinc to the metal surface inhibiting the oxidation reactions during the process. (more…)

11 Oct 2021


A washer for each task

Washers are multipurpose fasteners that due their versatility are largely employed in the manufacturing, assembling and various other industrial sectors along with screws, nuts and bolts.

Even though washers are manufactured in large variety of shapes and dimensions, they consist of a thin plate disc with a hole in the middle which assures the tightening of threaded fasteners. (more…)

2 Sep 2021

Structural bolts EN 14399, EN 15048, EN 1090-2

In this article, we’ll talk about steelwork structural bolts, how they’re categorised and what systems are available on the market.

Structural bolts have become essential after European standards EN 14399, EN 15048, and EN 1090-2 have become effective. (more…)

26 Jul 2021

Oxidation protection treatments

What is rust and metal corrosion?

Fastening elements are often used in chemical aggressive environment, where steel, without a suitable protection, it reacts with salts and acids, oxidizes and forms what is commonly known rust. (more…)

10 Jun 2021

Other metal coatings

Chromium Plating

This kind of coating is applied both for protective and aesthetic purposes. Chrome plating provides similar corrosion resistance to zinc plating but gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance to fasteners as well.

The thickness of coatings ranges from 0.05 to 0.5 μm and is usually between 0.13 and 0.25 μm. (more…)