Industrial Supplies

VIPA offers a complete supply of metal components that satisfies every demand of both small and large industries.

Power Transmission

VIPA spa provides his clients with a large variety of fastening elements and parts for power transmission systems that are used in certain industrial applications.

Agricultural Machinery

At VIPA spa we stock a comprehensive assortment of fasteners and metal hardware for the high-tech agricultural industries.

Industrial Wheels

VIPA spa is involved in the industrial supply of fastening solutions for companies specialized in the production of industrial wheels and casters.

Steel Construction

At VIPA we offer high reliable solutions and products to be applied in state-of-the-art steel construction systems.

Home Appliances

VIPA spa provisions home appliances manufacturers with a wide range of fastening and mounting systems.


VIPA is the supplier of fastening and metal parts for numerous companies in the automotive industry. We are constantly committed to equip our customers with products that fulfil the standards required by the sector in terms of quality and reliability.

Fixing Systems

VIPA furnishes his clients with the best solutions along with an extensive variety of products and fixing technologies for the construction industry that guarantee high standards of quality and facilitate the assembly work.

Industrial Racks

VIPA spa provides a wide range of fasteners and mounting solutions to manufacturers of industrial racks that cater to the needs of various warehousing systems.

Axial fans

VIPA stocks a wide assortment of fasteners, screws, and other fastening elements to industries specialized in the manufacturing of axial fans to be used in various industrial applications.


At VIPA we offer fastening products for all types of axles able to satisfy the high standards of quality required by the automotive industry.

Poultry Equipment

VIPA spa is the provider of fasteners, and metal hardware for companies focused on the manufacturing of equipment and plants for the poultry farm.


VIPA offers a complete supply of fastening elements for firms specialized in the production of electric pumps for civil and industrial use.

Technical solutions for furniture, glass and sliding doors

In VIPA the clients can count on a vast assortment of fastening and mounting systems that fit the exigencies of performances and quality required by the furniture, doors and glass industries.

Cereal storage plants

VIPA makes a wide range of fixing systems available for industries specialized in the production of storage facilities for cereal agriculture.

Automation systems

VIPA spa offers state-of-the-art fastening solutions along with his professionalism to companies specialized in the production of automation systems.


VIPA furnishes ship building and marine manufactures with an extensive offer of hi-performance fasteners and metallic parts.

Agricultural spare parts

VIPA is a reliable partner for manufacturers of spare parts for agricultural machines through the supplying of a wide range of fixing products.


In VIPA, machinery manufacturers can rely on a comprehensive provision of screws and bolts.


VIPA is a prominent supplier of fastening systems for firms operating in the packaging business.

Renewable energy

VIPA supplies renewable energy companies with an integrated offer of fasteners and metal hardware that are up to date as technology level and of long-lasting quality.