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Large supplying of metric screws and bolts, customized and special parts up on plans, special screws, metal hardware, unified fasteners, alloy screws (light screws), calibrated screws, grub screws.


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We aim to become a benchmark of the national and international fasteners market, by providing our clients with an always wider range of products of certified quality for several types of applications, in the simplest and fastest way.



Thanks to our deep knowledge of the sector and a wide range of products available, it is our goal to follow our client throughout all the purchasing process, supporting him in choosing the most suitable products, according to the various needs. All supported by a responsive customer service and a state-of-the-art quality department.
To assure that VIPA is constantly committed to:

  • Activate a logistic service that is able to respond to the various exigencies;
  • Arrange a large automatic warehouse to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the order fulfilments, along with an improvement of the working environment;
  • Take advantage of a staff dedicated to his job, qualified, competent and able to assist the customer throughout the purchasing process.
  • Implement more and more the quality department, guaranteeing an excellent quality of the goods.



  • Kanban
  • Quality
  • Design product service

VIPA is carrying out with success his kanban V-LEAN service. Our team of experts will help you during the planning and the installation of the system in your company. Our aim will be guarantee, in conditions of sufficiently high and stable consumption, an approach “simple” to inventory management, saving time and costs due to over-stocking.

The quality management system of VIPA is based on a unique concept, satisfy the customer exigencies through few but important points: Management of the supply sources, Control over the process & product, Certification recognised by accredited third parties.

The consolidated experience of VIPA in the screws, nuts and bolts sector and small metal parts allow us to satisfy the customers’ requests about the design products.

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