Placing your trust in a financially sound partner like VIPA is a guarantee of growth for any company

In the world of business, and even more so in the world of industry, choosing the right suppliers is crucial. A supplier is more than just a partner company that provides services, products or materials necessary for business. A supplier is also and above all an ally, to be trusted at all times.

This is why suppliers must have specific characteristics, ensuring the solidity of the partnership. These include: the quality of products and services, punctual delivery, transparency in communications, a spirit of cooperation, and a good dose of flexibility, which translates into the capacity to find solutions even in challenging, unexpected or tough situations.

There is also one last characteristic, not to be underestimated, as it underpins all long-lasting and fruitful cooperation between a company and its partners: the financial soundness of suppliers.

This factor is fundamentally important for companies, as it has immediate repercussions on the quality of provided services and products. If a supplier fails to deliver on time, or finds itself in the plight of being unable to purchase raw materials or produce certain components, it is the company that will suffer the consequences of such issues, with repercussions in terms of operating risk: production delays or even downtime for example, inevitably resulting in losses.

Trusting in a financially stable supplier minimises these types of risk, ensures consistency in the quality and long term continuity of supplies. Moreover, adequate financial resources means the supplier is able to invest in state-of-the art technologies, latest-generation equipment and highly competent staff, all factors that ensure prompt and efficient operation and more effective support for partner companies.

This positively impacts company operations, putting owners, managers and staff in a position of being able to focus on core business and the spearheading of growth targets, rather than wasting time and energy on issues beyond their control. Ultimately, a high-solvency partner is a key factor for the growth of all companies.

Thanks to a success story that goes way back in time and impeccably strategic management, VIPA enjoys exceptional financial soundness. Thus, over the years it has been able to make significant investments in production infrastructure, logistics, elevating the quality of products and services to maximum levels.


Choosing a financially sound partner like VIPA means zeroing all operating and financial risks. Because VIPA has proven its ability to successfully take on market challenges at any time, adapting to its changeable dynamics while continuously investing in research and development, with a single aim: to become the best ally of its partner companies.