18 May 2020

VIPA is operative and ready for the post COVID-19 phase

Dear Sirs,

we are currently experiencing a difficult moment that is putting a strain on all nations.

Companies have been also affected by the unpredictable block of the activities caused by the need to contain the diffusion of the pandemic.

VIPA has been called to do his part in the struggle against the virus and has immediately put in field all his efforts to secure his collaborators, by providing them with all necessary protective equipments but, at the same time, by preventing the virus to block completely the company.


12 May 2020

The property classes of bolt and nuts

According to national and international standards, fasteners have to follow specific naming schemes with the purpose of identifying and making manufacturing processes homogeneous.

Both bolts and nuts generally have notations made, in relief or engraved by the manufacturer that define their basic characteristics.

Knowing and understanding these notations is very important for their correct use.


17 Apr 2020

It’s online VIPA Academy the corporate blog of technical divulgation on fastening solutions

VIPA has recently activated a new section of its website called “VIPA Academy” dedicated to technical divulgation on fastening solutions for the manufacturing & construction industry.


19 Mar 2020

Metal coatings

Metal coatings are treatments largely used in various areas of the mechanical engineering industry with the purpose of protecting their surface from normal destructive forces and prolonging the lifespan of metal parts or change their aspect. They vary depending on the kind of material involved, purpose and process applied.


17 Mar 2020

VIPA doesn’t stop!

To all customers and suppliers

In accordance with National regulations about Covid-19, we inform you that VIPA is working regularly.

Hoping to get back to normal soon, we are close to all those in distress.

10 Mar 2020

Bolts Vs. Screws

Bolts and screws are two of the most used and helpful types of fastener. Both are largely utilised in all manufacturing and construction industries.
Albeit they have specific features that make them suitable for different applications, often a clear distinction between them is not easy to define.


2 Mar 2020

SPIDIK1 qualities described by Torque Magazine

SPIDIK1tm, the universal structural connection system for kit furniture of VIPA is getting an increasing appreciation by furniture manufactoring companies.
Also Torque Magazine write about it


20 Feb 2020

A renewed commitment to investing in quality and services

A new year to live with optimism and good resolutions. This is our pledge for 2020.
An article of Fastener EurAsia discloses past and future projects of VIPA to improve its services.

Read the article


3 Feb 2020

Fastener + fixing magazine interviews our general manager

Looking at 2020 with hope and renewed confidence. Our General Manager, Paolo Poppi interviewed by Fastener + Fixing Magazine over the fasteners-related business forecasts.

Read the article



28 Jan 2020


VIPA will be present with his stand at MECSPE 2020 the reference fair for the manufacturing industry that will take place in Parma (Italy) from 26th to 28th March 2020.

Fiere di Parma
Pavilion 8 – Stand I27