Dear Sirs,

we are currently experiencing a difficult moment that is putting a strain on all nations.

Companies have been also affected by the unpredictable block of the activities caused by the need to contain the diffusion of the pandemic.

VIPA has been called to do his part in the struggle against the virus and has immediately put in field all his efforts to secure his collaborators, by providing them with all necessary protective equipments but, at the same time, by preventing the virus to block completely the company.

In this light, under national regulations, VIPA has continued its activity supporting customers and responding to their requests.

To do that VIPA has activated the smart working, where it was possible to do so, and where was not, VIPA has equipped the employees with suited equipments and set up the working environment according to the security regulations.

If you are looking for a reliable partner, VIPA could be the right choice for you, because even in the difficulties and unforeseen events VIPA knows how to respond to the needs of customers, and is reactive, ready and creative in finding solutions, as shown in this period.

Also, VIPA has an efficient customer care, that is at the disposal of companies even now. Is possible to contact VIPA via email or telephone, but also through a video call.

Moreover, VIPA has a warehouse containing 70.000 references, that allows it to have a wide range of products available for immediate delivery. This is why VIPA can ensure fast order managing within 24 hours.

In addition to a large warehouse, structured according to the characteristics of industry 4.0, VIPA has decided to be close to its customers by opening 5 warehouses in other countries: France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and China.

The company has also invested in an efficient and reliable quality control laboratory, that shows the continuous commitment towards the research of a quality product.

If you believe that your company needs a RELIABLE, EXPERT and RESPONSIVE partner then you need VIPA. Do not hesitate to contact VIPA and know his products and services.

We hopes for a quick and fast resumption of normal activities, but in the meantime we invite you to schedule a video call. Our personnel will be ready to tell you more about VIPA’s business and services.