Efficiency, precision and speed for cutting edge logistics; the VIPA automated warehouse

The concept of warehouse automation is revolutionising contemporary industrial logistics. The automated warehouse first came about in the noughties and is a system in which most operative activities: picking, inventory management, are executed by machines and robotised systems. Thanks to the use of cutting edge technologies, such as collaborative robots, automatic management systems and advanced control software, an automated warehouse provides numerous advantages in terms of efficiency, precision and speed of logistics operations.

Firstly, automation significantly boosts operating efficiency. Machines and robots are able to execute repetitive tasks with precision and speed, minimising human errors and optimising material handling times. This translates into greater overall productivity and shorter goods delivery times.

Automation improves inventory management, avoiding counting errors and eliminating the risk of excess or insufficient stock. This is because all items in automatic warehouses are accurately and precisely tracked, so that supplies can be monitored in real time, avoiding picking errors and simplifying the management of supplies. Moreover, product traceability is fundamental for companies that must comply with specific regulations or ensure the authenticity of products.

Given that machines take care of handling in automated warehouses, staff can be reassigned to supervision and control operations, or to higher added value activities, resulting in the optimisation of human resources while reducing the risk of accidents.

Lastly, an automated warehouse ensures a high degree of scalability: such a flexible system means that it can adapt to new needs any time, for example by implementing new processes or changing configuration, while still avoiding downtime. This is an essential characteristic for companies like VIPA, who wish to remain competitive in a continuously evolving market.

The automated warehouse represents the future of industrial logistics, and the one at VIPA symbolises excellence. First and foremost because it is Italy’s biggest warehouse, with a total capacity of 120,000 pallets. Secondly, because it has been automated since 2005; since then it has continuously been expanded and equipped with latest-generation equipment, including 17 stacker cranes and 15 picking bays.


Thanks to its vast expertise and finger on the pulse of innovation, VIPA is able to deliver all the advantages of logistics of the future to its clients: operating efficiency, cost optimisation, and extremely high levers of precision and traceability.