25 Aug 2020

The international standards

Vipa’s customers have at their disposition a vast range of fasteners manufactured according the main International standards as ISO, EN, DIN, UNI and ANSI.

But what is a standard and why is essential to know the meaning of that acronyms for a more mindful purchase of fasteners.

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16 Jul 2020

Stainless steel: characteristics and use

Stainless steel is one of the most employed materials for the production of screws, bolts, and other fasteners. Fasteners manufactured in stainless steel are applied in almost all industrial sectors.

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24 Jun 2020

Self-tapping screws

Self-tapping screws are one of the most important types of commercial fasteners in use today. The reasons for their success lie on their characteristics of versatility, handiness and reliability. (mehr …)

17 Apr 2020

Es ist online VIPA Academy, der korporative Blog der technischen Enthüllung über Verbindungselemente.

VIPA hat vor kurzem einen neuen Bereich seiner Website mit dem Namen „VIPA Academy“ aktiviert, der der technischen Verbreitung von Befestigungslösungen für die Fertigungs- und Bauindustrie gewidmet ist.

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