VIPA offers a KANBAN service, developed in close partnership with the customer, in order to build it on its specific requirements. The KANBAN system is used to manage purchasing activities of our customers allowing to level stock values on the different steps of production process.

KANBAN system let to:

  • Make simple production planning and control
  • Reduce volumes of stock, with the following optimization of cash flow
  • Cut of dead times and simplify all procedures involved in the process

Kit Packaging

VIPA offers a KIT PACKAGING service, in order to satisfy specific requests of outsourcing of this step of our customer production process.

KIT PACKAGING service gives the possibility to personalize the packaging (bags and boxes) in relation with requirements of our customer: company logos, colors, dimensions, kind of boxes are defined upon request from our customer, as well as texts and bar codes of the labels. Outsourcing of this activity of KIT PACKAGING in VIPA, let customer have flexible, certain and lower costs thanks to our economy scales, as well as receive a defined and continually supervised service level.


Our ERP system Microsoft NAV allows the management of the cross reference or rather the part number of the customer, so every Vipa part number can be related to customer part number.

In this way it is possible to print labels, documents of transport, packing list with the customer part number. The system Vipa-SHOP allows the insertion of the articles to order through digitation of customer part number.

Then the strong opening to the personalization is a point of strength of our company.