Quality: metrological tests

Qualità metrologiche


Profile projector: it allows to detect accurately small distances, angles, and eventual surface defects of the sample.

Quality: mechanical tests

Qualità meccaniche


Tensile strength machine: it allows to detect the tensile strength and the elongation after fracture of the sample.

Qualità metrologiche


Hardness machine and micro-hardness machine: they allow to detect the hardness and the micro-hardness of the sample.

Quality: chemical tests

Qualità chimiche


Spectrometer: it allows to analyze the chemical composition of the material, it gives the exact percentage of each chemical element.

Quality: metallographic tests

Qualità metallografiche


Incorporate machine: it allows to incorporate a section of a sample in a special resin in order to control it by the microscope.

Qualità metallografiche


Sanding machine: it smoothes and polishes the surface of the sample to make it suitable to the control by the microscope.

Qualità metallografiche


Microscope: it allows to detect the percentage of martensite in the core of the material and the structure of the material.