The long experience of VIPA in fasteners allows the satisfaction of our customer's requests in the field of on drawing items, that can be offered in different sizes, materials and treatments.

Our expert technicians let us offer customer support and competence in the supply of on drawing products, that are found in the market according to the technical specifications of our customer.


The proof of these quality achievements derives from the fact that VIPA has been recognized and certified ISO 9001:2000. The suppliers of our products can guarantee high quality standards thanks to their certifications.

VIPA is constantly investing in resources, processes and quality control systems. It has an equipped laboratory, that allows to make all necessary metrical, mechanical and chemical tests in order to verify our products quality.

Customer orientation

VIPA organization is based on attention and care to follow all inquiries on every step, paying attention to all customers requests. This allows very high level service standards on the market; granting the maximum customer satisfaction, supplying efficient answers with punctuality and reliability.

The qualified sales personnel follows directly customer relationships offering the best professional attention in order to satisfy every request at whatever level with the highest rapidity.


VIPA offers a KANBAN SERVICE, developed in close partnership with the customer, in order to build it on its specific requirements. The KANBAN system is used to manage purchasing activities of our customers allowing to level stock values on the different steps of production process.

VIPA offers a KIT PACKAGING service, in order to satisfy specific requests of outsourcing of this step of our customer production process.