Vipa starts its activity in 1970, when Poppi Adelio the founder of the company, begins to supply and commercialize screws and nuts. From the very beginning covering a limited field of action, paying attention in establishing competitive prices, high product quality and reliable relationships with customers. These features since then have distinguished Vipa, insuring its success and growth. Even if it has changed from a Family management company to the today status of Joint Stock Company, it has kept unchanged its traditional principles and functionality.

At the moment the head office ground lays over 130.000 sqm. from which 30.000 occupied by the main building. The commercial and management offices are located in a modern, elegant state of the art building.

  • 2001 - Transfer of the operational center from Limidi (Soliera) to Rolo in a building of around 20.000 square meters
  • 2005 - Realization of the first part of the automatic warehouse (2.500 square meters for an height of 30 meters) equipped with 5 traslo
  • 2007 - Realization of the second part of the automatic warehouse (3.500 square meters for an height of 30 meters) equipped with 7 traslo. The important investment in the automatic warehouse has allowed to reach a stock capacity of 120.000 places pallets with consequent amplification of the range up to 65.000 references and of the quantities to stock. The consequence of this investment is large availability of material for every typology of application of the customer and the reduction of orders preparation time with an increase in precision and timeliness of consignment of the orders.
    15 isles of picking, set to the feet of the automatic warehouse, everyone equipped with printing with bar code, balance and connected pc to the management warehouse system , they are able to prepare 4.500 missions of collecting every day.
  • 2009 - Constitution of Vipa Fasteners CZ in Kurim in the Czech Republic, commercial office for the management and development of sales in the countries of Oriental Europe
  • 2010 - Realization of a second office building devoted to quality department, to technical area and the lectures.
  • 2010 - Constitution of Vipa Hispania in Lliça de Vall (Barcelona), logistic warehouse and development of sales in Spain
  • 2011 - Constitution of Vipa Fasteners France in Lyon, logistic warehouse and development of sales in France
  • 2011 - Realization of Vip@-SHOP, B2B system that allows away customers the insertion of the orders by web. The system is completely integrated with our ERP system Microsoft NAV in terms of availability, prices list and discounts
La storia di VIPA